Deepshikha Bhasin (1978-2016)

October 8, 2016 was the worst day of my life. On that day, the love of my life Deepshikha took her last few breaths with her hand in mine and our two kids saying goodbye. She had fought Stage-4 breast cancer for 2.5 years with such grace and positivity that such a day seemed impossible. But there it was.

She was everything to us - mom, wife, doctor, teacher, chef, entertainer and most importantly our best friend. Her gregarious, uncontrollable laughter, her sense of humor, her compassion, her spontaneity, her beauty and her extraordinary penchant for messing up names were the identity of our little family. She was the spark that orchestrated the beautiful and memorable vacation to Orcas Island halfway through a roadtrip to Portland in the opposite direction. She was the grace that refused to ask "why me?" ever through her diagnosis and treatment - she accepted it and even thanked it for it let her grow in new ways. She was the reason to smile everyday.

She touched many lives. From her patients who kept checking on her if she was ever returning to practice, to her friends who drove long distances to be at one of her healing meetups, to the doctors and staff who she inspired with her positivity. On October 8, 2016, this world lost a valuable part of it. Deepshikha had so much more to give to this universe - she will be missed.

This loss is not part of some unexplainable grand "plan" of a supernatural divine. This is simply an inability of our civilization in tackling a deadly ailment of our times. That can change. Cancer can go the same way as numerous diseases that have been eradicated or made non-fatal. If you have the means, please donate to Metavivor, an organization that spends 100% of donations on research grants for Stage-4 metastatic breast cancer (today, only 2% of all breast cancer research funding goes towards treating patients like Deepshikha who have an atypical presentation or for other reasons diagnosed directly as Stage-4). There are also other research organizations like Fred Hutch, that can use our help.

Hopefully, one day no one has to write a remembrance like this.

~ We miss you Deepshikha ~


Aalia, Aarit, Aameek